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Theory of change

Theory of Change: Instant results 

What can i use it for?

For any step of your company growth

This product is perfect for you if you must complete any of the following activities and you do not have time:

  • Application to impact accelerators
  • Investor Pitch
  • Communication on your website
  • Impact grant´s applications
  • Validation of your current theory of change

What you'll obtain

You will get a text document that includes a description of each of the elements of the theory of change, specifically applied to your business and your mission. The structure of the document is as follows:

  • Business's goal
  • Assumptions
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Outcomes
  • Impact

This is a preview:

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Price: 180 USD
Time to obtain: 5 min
Format: Word or Pdf
Document length: 300-500 words
Language : English
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Example of a Theory of Change generated by Agile Impacts



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