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Consolidating portfolio indicators for clearer investment insights

Discover how we can harmonize thousands of indicators from various companies within a portfolio and consolidate them into a few key metrics, allowing you to understand the aggregate impact of your investments. Feel free to reach out and inquire about our aggregate impact dashboard, expertly crafted in PowerBI.

Impact funds

Looking for quick, impactful results? 

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Table of indicators

Discover the impact of your business with personalized indicators, including detailed descriptions, units, and corresponding IRIS+ values.


SDG contribution

Discover the Sustainable Development Goals and pinpoint the specific targets that your business supports, all in one swift move.



Impact story

Share the ways in which you generate meaningful impact through the application of your theory of change and make a compelling case for investors


Supporting evidence

Identify data sources for impact metrics

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1. Write your business in one sentence

Craft a concise and compelling sentence that encapsulates your business's essence

  • With just one powerful sentence, we can create impact indicators that will showcase the true essence of your business.
  • No need to provide any additional information

2. Get immediate access to your indicators

No need to waste hours of your precious time or go through the hassle of hiring consultants. With us, you'll get instant access to your results without any delay or inconvenience.

  • In minutes you can create, export and use your Theory of Change and list of indicators
  • Swiftly apply for grants or impress potential investors with your success story

3. Validate your results

Ensure the accuracy of your findings by consulting with an impact measurement specialist. For added assurance, consider seeking validation from a reputable audit firm.

Consider taking the extra step to validate your findings: 

  • With a specialist, who can not only make necessary adjustments but also provide answers to any questions
  • Alternatively, obtain a theory of change and validated indicators to ensure seamless auditing of your impact results in the future.

 Are you an impact accelerator?

Enroll in our exclusive perks program tailored for startups and unlock unbeatable discounts for your entire community. Valid for Impact Investment Funds and Accelerators Worldwide.

Case Studies

 Gain valuable insights by exploring real-life cases that closely resemble your own experience.

Fintech startup
This fintech startup is on a mission to uplift the lives of immigrants. In our interview, we learned how they effectively integrated the theory of change into their approach to measuring impact.

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B2B software as a service
Discover how this B2B software as a service powerhouse took proactive measures to assess the effects on their clients before embarking on a series B launch.

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Years of Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology

With years of experience under our belt, we've made it our mission to simplify impact measurement and make it readily available. Through countless projects and extensive knowledge, we're equipped with cutting-edge technology to tackle this challenge head-on.

Our Achievements

 Our team's exceptional accomplishments have been acknowledged and endorsed by globally renowned institutions

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Are you an impact and technology company? 

Discover valuable insights for impact and technology companies in this must-see video from Y Combinator. Learn about the top five critical mistakes that can impede the progress of even the most promising ventures.

Reviews From Our Users

Yvonne Brady circle

The analysis is carried out in a matter of minutes. I just tried it and am super impressed with the results. Impact indicators were suggested that I wouldn't have thought of but are really relevant to us

Yvonne Brady

CEO & Founder, EVB Sport

Megan Lam

We know that measurement matters, but what matters in the measurement? Agile Impacts will meet you where you are, with a straight-forward and fast process for truly relevant metrics for your impact journey

Megan Lam

Co-founder, Neurum Health

Atilana circle

Thanks to the support of a top-notch impact measurement coach, I now consider myself an impact measurement "Pro." My approach to impact measurement emphasizes the importance of understanding the inner workings of a business and how they translate into tangible indicators

Atilana Piñón

CPO & Co-founder, Retorna

Choose a plan that works for you


Grant & accelerator applications

  • Theory of Change
  • Impact indicators (description, unit)
  • ✅ Good for early stage
  • ✅ Best price in market


Investors & clients communications

  • Theory of Change
  • Impact indicators (Up to 3 changes)
  • Validation by a consultant (1hour)
  • 📈 Good when raising capital


Impact assessment of multiple companies

  • Impact assessment
  • Harmonized impact indicators
  • Centralized information
  • 📊Good for aggregated impact


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How a Startup Mastered Impact Measurement and Boosted Business Success

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Mar 20, 2023 By Adriana Mata

Measuring the Impact of Your Startup: A Stage-Based Guide

Measuring impact is almost synonymous with showing positive change over time and doing so wi...

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