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Impact business real cases

Every time we talk about impact, the most famous examples are from NGOs, but that does not reflect the reality of impact startups. Here are examples of real companies with impact. Use them to inspire yourself and drive change with your business!

Financial inclusion theory of change Financial Inclusion
CloQ´s Theory of change
water saving in agriculture-1 Water & Tech
Lynks Theory of Change
Elvis and kresse Circular economy Circular economy
Elvis&Kresse Theory of Change
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How Retorna mastered their impact measurement 

In order to guide businesses struggling to measure their impact, we had the pleasure of interviewing Atilana Piñon, the co-founder of Retorna, a company dedicated to enhancing the lives of immigrants. Through this interview, we discovered how she successfully incorporated the theory of change into their impact measurement methodology. By exploring this inspiring story, you can learn how measuring impact can drive the growth of a startup and promote effective negotiations with stakeholders.